These are Terms & Condition.
1- Accommodation in rooms as given at on Double sharing.
2- Check-In & Check-out Time is 12:00 noon or as per Hotel Policies (early check-in is subject to availability
in Andaman most of the hotels check-out time is 8 AM)
3- In the Case of the Mentioned Hotel is unavailable, we will provide the same category as the Hotel. The
company is not responsible for missing sightseeing, destinations due to political strikes or roadblock,
Monuments, parks, rides, etc. to be closed without prior notice. the Travel Taak are not responsible for
compensating any loss or additional cost incurred by guests while taking a tour.
4- Meals Timings must be followed as per instruction given by the hotels. Vehicle Ac will not work at hill
stations.-No refund will be made if you will not use any services provided by us in the Inclusions.
5-Extra Bed Means Extra Mattress.
6-For a heater, you can pay directly to the hotel.
7-The Travel Taak reserves the right to terminate, cancel, or modify any offer without any prior intimation.
8-EP means Accommodation only,
9-CP – Accommodation with Breakfast,
10-MAP – Accommodation with Breakfast and Lunch or Dinner (anyone),
11-AP – Accommodation with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
12- Verbal Commitment Done by any of our executives is not valid.
13- In season time most of the places having heavy traffic issues, so might be the client has been missing some
sightseeing and for missing sightseeing Travel Taak is not responsible.
14- AC in the vehicle will not work on any hill stations.
15- In case the Client didn’t Pay Installment on the date given in the invoice, a late Penalty will be charged
from the Guest.
16- Travel Taak is not responsible for machinery disturbance i.e. mechanical disturbance in a Volvo or in-cab,
Tyre puncture, or any other mechanical issue during the trip.
17- The vehicle has been charged for the fixed inclusions. If the client used a vehicle apart from the itinerary
or by any chance the day has been extended guest has to bear the cost of the extra services or extra time
(Guest dropping time is before 10 PM).
18- After making the payment of a particular package if clients make any amendment or changes or if clients
want to postpone the dates needs to bear some certain charges of the same and all rights have been
reserved by Travel Taak only.
19- Changes in the package in case of government orders, pandemic situation, political strikes, curfew, natural
disaster, airlines delayed or any other such reasons have been done at extra cost and that has to be bear
by the client only.
20- The cost of each package has been calculated on the basis of fixed inclusions. In the scenario of
customization required, then cost shall be incurred on the basis of value additions.
21- In case of bad weather, flight cancellation, change of schedule of flights, the company will not be
responsible for any refund.
22- Similarly, while we assure you of enjoyable holidays, we cannot and do not guarantee or represent that
such a tour will be as per your mental perception, imagination, or thoughts about such tour.
23- All water activities are subject to weather conditions.
24- Ferry sailing is subject to weather conditions.
25- Alternate arrangements will be made in case sailing does not take place due to weather or payload
restriction. However, Travel Taak will not be responsible for refunding any amount due to the non-sailing
of the ferry and will be governed by our cancellation policy.
Travel Taak
Corporate Office: RZF 777/7 Building Shri Ganesh Apartment Rajnagar Dwarka Sector-08, Delhi 110075
26- The itinerary flow is subject to change without any Prior Notification.
27- Payment should I made as strictly per the payment policy or on the instalment date if the client fails to do
so the company is not responsible for the given hotel or vehicle as we need to transfer the same to them
28- If the client is not happy with the instalment date in special cases he/she can request the Travel
Consultant can extend the date of the instalment (Subject to approval).
29- The initial amount of 2000 or 3000 rupees is for the blocking of the package we will confirm the hotel and
vehicle only when we get the full 30% of the initial package.
30- Without receiving a 30% amount we could not upload or give the vouchers.
31- Flight tickets are subject to availability, In case the tickets are not available for the quoted amount then
other alternative dates will be recommended.
32- If there is a Gala dinner in your hotel (on Christmas, New Year, or any other important day) then it is
mandatory and chargeable from the hotelier direct.
33- 100% amount needs to be paid for flight tickets in advance for issuance of tickets; If flight fare has
increased/decreased by the time payment reaches us, then the same shall be borne by the client and the
quotation would be revised accordingly.
34-Please remember that all special requests like early check-in, late checkout, smoking room, non-smoking
room, views, floors, king bed, twin bed, adjoining and/or interconnecting rooms are strictly subject to
availability upon arrival and the same cannot be guaranteed prior.
35- Customers can not change the itinerary during the trip unless the same has been pre-informed and
assented by the travel agent.
36- If the guest/client is making the payment that means he/she automatically accepting the T & C.
37-Travel Taak is not liable for the care of personal items of travelers during the trip.
38- Any loss or damage to any valuable items like mobile, tab, gold, etc. is purely the customer’s responsibility.
39- In case of non-compliance with payment terms, Travel Taak reserves the right to cancel the booking.
40- Any amendments/additions to the package (dates, inclusions, itinerary, etc), will be done at an extra cost
to the customer.
41-Changes made to the package will be made as per the cancellation policy of the original package and the
customer has to bear the cost incurred due to this.
42-In case local attractions are closed for maintenance/weather conditions/government
orders/strike/curfew/natural calamity/other unforeseen reasons, Travel Taak will try its best to
reimburse the traveler appropriate amount against the same in case refund is possible. However, Travel Taak are not obligated for the same and cannot be held liable against it.
43- In case Makruzz/Coastal Cruise/Govt. Cruise is not operational due to weather, technical, or other
unavoidable reasons, Travel Taak will not be liable for any refund claims arising from this.
44- City museums and monuments remain closed on Mondays while Ross Island remains closed on
Wednesdays. If any visit is missed due to closure or maintenance issues, all efforts will be made to cover
the sightseeing after returning to Port Blair from Havelock Island /Neil island, time permitting. This needs
to be checked with your travel agent before booking the package.
45- The rate of the package (international/domestic) can be changed without any prior notice.
46-Star Categorization of hotels is categorized on the basis of location, services, facility, and costing and not as
per star categorization i.e 123* and so on used in the Metro cities – NGT (National Green Tribunal) Rules
& Regulations National Green Tribunal has implemented a few restrictions & instructions for every
traveller visiting Rohtang Pass which are as follows:-
47- The number of vehicles to Rohtang Pass per day is restricted to 1000 /-, out of which only 600 petrol
engine taxis and 400 diesel taxis will be allowed. Due to this restriction customers have to wait as per the
48- Visit Rohtang pass can be on individual/sharing by deluxe bus subject to availability.
49- If the client failed to pay the instalment on time booking will be released automatically from the system
and later on, the guest just needs to pay Re booking charges for the same.